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Writing a Great Resume

If you are looking for a job, then it is very important that you understand how to offer yourself […]

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Resume Writing Hot Tips

Most job seekers have the same problem when writing their resumes: they feel overwhelmed when it comes to presenting […]

Resume Writing Tips

When you are ready to step into the professional world, one thing becomes your mirror, in which every employer […]

Resume Writing FAQs

13 Resume Mistakes That Can Cost You the Interview

1. A BLAND OR GENERIC OBJECTIVE: If your objective could be applied to a marketing resume as easily as a resume for an accounting position, then your objective says nothing and will get you nowhere. An objective is NOT some required paragraph at the top of the page that is an exercise in 5 lines of job speak. It’s an actual and real description of your skills as they’re related to who you are and what you want. It should vary with the type of job for […]

Working with Resume Templates

There’s no right way or wrong way to write a resume. Find a resume template that you like and can work with. Stick to the general outline but edit to fit your best credentials and accolades. It’s an advantage to have a large collection of templates to choose from to give as many options as possible. You can also utilize different formats and see which you like best. Make sure you have someone who can proof read for grammar and spelling. What’s great about specific job resume […]

Resume Writing for a Highly Competitive Job Market

Most job hunters already know that a resume is a must when it comes to applying for jobs and getting potential employers to take notice, but unfortunately, most resumes are just not up to par. People actively seeking employment often fail to create an effective resume that will impress hiring managers and land interviews. And yet, in today’s vigorous job market, at a time when layoffs are the norm and competition for jobs is cutthroat, it’s more important than ever that your resume catch the eyes of […]

Resume Writing – Get That Job

Looking for a new job, whether it is with a new company or a promotion within your own organisation, requires time and effort. To make your job search more effective you need to take five fundamental steps on the road to success: Analysing your skills Writing a winning Resume Managing your job search Coaching for interview success Negotiating your job offer Step 1: Analysing your Skills The most crucial step in the job search process is to assess what skills you have to offer to your future […]